Christian Bense


Currently looking for jobs as a 3d artist

Hi there!
I'm Chris, originally from the Netherlands and at the moment residing in the UK.
All my life I've liked art, emotion and computers. This inevitably lead me to form an interest in 3d art and photography, both subjects that blend art and computers almost perfectly.

Having started fiddling around with 3d computer programs when i was about 14, I've had quite a few years of raw experience. Learning slowly but steadily, unfortunately without any guidance, and trying to see every field of the art. It goes without saying that those first few years weren't very efficient.

After starting to focus more on game related 3d art I got offered a job at Streamline-Studios in Amsterdam. Starting out as a junior artist and quickly making my way to a regular artist position. I learned a tremendous amount from all the great people there and was surprised at how fast all the information had to be soaked up, I loved it.

After two years at Streamline-Studios and having worked on about 10 projects, ranging from small reels to full on AAA game titles, the studio unfortunately had to close down. Staying there until the end taught me about how important it is to keep things prepared for the future, and how valuable a solid position is.

After Streamline i moved to a senior artist position at Lionhead studios, known for the fable games. This was very exciting as next to moving abroad it also meant working on a very popular title with a great art style. After fable 3 i got put on fable: the journey which used unreal engine 3, right up my alley. Because of this i got involved in a lot of the technical decisions and people saw me as the go-to person for anything art and unreal related.

After two and a half years at Lionhead and having worked on two major projects my time has come to go on the next big challenge somewhere else.


  • Digital Art
  • Rendering
  • Photography
  • Lighting
  • Texturing
  • 3D Modeling


  • 3d studio max
  • zbrush
  • xsi
  • mental ray
  • combustion
  • vray
  • photoshop
  • unreal engine
  • several game engines